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Friday, June 14, 2024

Caffe Concerto in London


Photos by Angela Lansbury. Copyright.

The branch we visited was near Trafalgar Square in London, England, UK.

We had a good coffee, brown sugar in sachets already on the table. When we asked for cold milk it came up fast.

We shared a cherry tart, which seemed one of the healthiest of all their tempting sugary pastries.

Caffe Concerto has branches all over the world including the Middle East.

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Names Of People You Meet On Your Travels

 Many names reveal the country of origin of the person you meet.

Paz, a first name for a man, means peace in Spanish and Portuguese. It also means fine gold in Hebrew. 

Leo or Leon in many languages means Lion.

The most common UK surname is Smith. In German this is Schmidt.

The English surname Tailor becomes Scneider in German.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lovely Lavender in Vauxhall Park, London

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Happy Birthday plate at Kiyoto sushi bar and restaurant


Happy Birthday written on the plate for dessert, at Kiyoto Sushi Bar and Takeaway (and restaurant), Hatch End, Pinner, Middlesex. Photo by Angela Lansbury. Copyright.

Delicious Dessrt
  • We finished with dessert. Only two desserts on the menu. A fried pastry, and a chocolate dessert.. 
  • We were a group of five and they had provided five pieces of the dessert.

  • To everybody's surprise, the person most outspoken against the so called unhealthy and unnecessary batter dessert was the person who was the biggest enthusiast.

Getting There

A short walk downhill from the station, in the centre of the Broadway. Their website says they have a loyalty card. This was not mentioned to us when we booked.

Useful Website

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Kiyoto Sushi Restaurant for freshly cooked and uncooked food


Circular table at Kiyoto Sushi Bar, London, England. Photo by Angela Lansbury. Copyright.

We had booked a table for a birthday celebration. Our table was round, with some banquette seating and also two freestanding chairs. The soy sauce on the table has two colour lids, green and orange. Orange for stronger flavour. 

We were provided with wooden chopsticks, fresh ones, stuck together, in a paper wrapper.

I liked the sweet potato, which we had in two items.
Sweet potato was available as an appetiser, sweet potato tempura, , as inside out or hand roll. And in a Vegetable Crunch roll (8 pieces per portion) at nine pounds ninety five pence.

We finished with a dessert, which we had asked them to supply with a candle. They had asked us on arrival what we wanted written on the plate and we said Happy Birthday.

Rice with Main dishes of  chicken, salmon or cod. Photo by Angela Lansbury.

  • Delicious Dessrt
  • We finished with dessert. Only two desserts on the menu. A fried pastry, and a chocolate dessert.
  • to everybody's surprise, the person most outspoken against the so called unhealthy and unnecessary batter dessert was the person who was the biggest enthusiast.
Lovely Ladies Toilet
The Ladies toilet was clean and beautifully decorated. The floor is a work of art with the star shape pattern.
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Monday, June 10, 2024

Kiyoto Japanese Restaurant Menu Explained

 The UK has more than 2,500 Japanese restaurants and Sushi bars, so it's not hard to find one nearby, espcially if you live in London. The UK has even more Indian restaurants, estimated 8,000, and Chinese estimated 11.500. For the adventurous eater, plenty of choice. Why not Japanese? 

The Kiyoto sushi bar has five branches in London, Hatch End, Boreham Wood, West Hampstead, Cockfosters and Mill Hill. 

Does the name sound familiar? Japan has a city called Kyoto. To make it easier to find the restaurant rather than the city in google searches, the restaurant name is spelled differently with an etra i before the y.

They are open seven days a week, noon to 3 pm for lunch and 1700 to 22.00 with last orders at 9.30. p.m 

But what should you order? The menu has little pictures but it helps to have some translations.

Some of the dishes have explanation underneath but in small print, so if you need reading glasses or are not by a window it helps to know in advance.



agedashi - dashi is a stock/sauce/soup/marinade for cooking, based on fermented, dried anchovy, sardine, tuna or kelp, used for deep-frying tofu to add flavour. age-dashi, means deep fried in dashi.

carpacchio - raw meat

chicken katsu curry - deep fried chicken in breadcrumbs with curry

edamame (vegetarian) a green raw soy bean which looks like a big green bean, think of it as not baked beans but those big white oval beans without sauce

gunkan - literally war-boat, I think of gun-can. Shaped like a little boat with points at both ends and a casing of seaweed like a painted boat. Made of rice and maybe a filling on top.

gyoza - in Chinese jiazi, could be pasta dumplings or envelopes and filled with a stuffing such as minced pork mixed with a vegetable

hand roll (or temaki) is cone shape, pont at one end, flat at the other, shaped like a small doll-size ice cream cone to be held in your hand

inari pocket - tofu pouches (unlike sushi which are rice). They look like teeny opened purses with fillings.

inside out (also called uramaki) has rice on the outside, filling seen in the centre from on top, like a bullseye

maki roll

mayo - mayonnaise

miso dressing - miso soup is made from fermented soy. 



ramen - noodles

sashimi - thickly sliced cuts of raw fish 

scallop shellfish (not to be confused with shallot which is vegetable)

spider roll

sriracha sauce

sushi - bite-size or two-bite size pieces of shaped white rice with fish or vegetable in contrasting colour (eg pink raw fish or yellow wafer of sweet omelette, laid on top of a brick shape block of sticky stuck together rice, like a white brick with a coloured topping)


tempura - deep fried chicken or other food

tofu - made from soy milk, low cost and nutricious



yellow tail - a big fish, but given different names in different countries


Ozeki sake dry 180 ml 8.98 GBP

Ozeki Saki sparkling 250 ml 11.95 GBP

asahi/kirin/sapporo 33.95 GBP

Vegetarian Dishes


vegetable tempura


Spinach and crispy onion



Japanese pickles



Other Vegetarian dishes

Maki roll - asparagus / avocado / cucumber / omelette (not for vegans)

vegetable crunch roll

vegetable set

Home Guests For Take Away and Health converns

A pink topping to Sashimi which looks like smoked salmon has less flavour because it is raw fish. 

Health & Raw Fish

Make sure any guests like raw fish. I bought sushi as a treat for a Malaysian friend and she refused to eat it because she said she never ate raw fish. This was in tropical Singapore where the temperatures are very hot.

When I looked up Sushi in Wikipedia, I was dismayed to learn that the risks are not only fish going off in the heat. Raw fish carries flukes, a polite word for worms! Not just one kind of worm, but three different types. Flat worms. Tape worms. And - enough!

Maybe, if I am not tempted by the pink fish, but still feel nervous, I should stick to deep fried chicken on skewers or toothpicks. Tofu sounds safe. Maybe rice with omelette topping. 

Let's end with a happier vision. Let's dream of Japanese desserts!

Choice of Restaurants

The Kiyoto restaurants are all over north London. 

In addition, Brent Cross and central London have many branches of Wagamama. 

For eating Japanese at home, you can order take away from Kiyoto from Deliveroo. 

Supermarkets in the UK stock sushi.

In addition to the supermarket fare, you can buy from the website of the Japanese Centre in Leicester Square. 


The Japanese Centre website shows a large variety of desserts, bite size pieces with flavours such as green tea. I subscribed to their mailing list and every few days I get an offer of a discount and/or free postage.

Hello and Goodbye

If you said or heard or thought of good evening in Japanese, when you arrived, 




Oyasumi good night.

Happy birthday in Japanese is

Luckily for English speakers, the Japanese sing happy birthday to you in English.

You might like to recall

Sayonara. (Goodbye in Japanese.)

Useful Websites

Inari recipe and picture from a vegetarian society

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Banksy Tour of London - Every Single Banksy Piece in London, Summer 2023

Banksy in London.

Shop until you drop. By Baksy. From Wikipedia.

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